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UNDRESSED: A brief history of underwear sponsored by Revlon and Agent Provocateur is on at the V&A from 16th April 2016-12th March 2017

This exhibition was a revelation to me as a fashion stylist who studied fashion design and also owned a lingerie website “Red Carpet Undies”.
The evolving of underwear design over the centuries,
The relationship of underwear and fashion
how each decade’s morals defined how women and men wore underwear which was cut and fitted to hide, disguise or enhance the parts of the body that were considered fashionable.

My photos below are a selection of those I found most interesting, fun and include the description of what they are.










wpid-wp-1460559143596.jpgwpid-wp-1460559152676.jpgwpid-wp-1460559163934.jpgwpid-wp-1460560668038.jpgwpid-wp-1460560679003.jpgwpid-wp-1460560689520.jpgwpid-wp-1460560697207.jpgwpid-wp-1460560707204.jpgwpid-wp-1460560714205.jpgThis dress is from the 1930’s but to me could easily be from the present day.
wpid-wp-1460560721808.jpgThis Alexander Mcqueen dress from 2012 is just beautiful in its intricacy and design
and is reminiscent of 18th Century hooped petticoats


The Ideal Home Show london sponsored by Zoopla


The Arc bi-green unit eco-pod style house sponsored by Thermoprotect
Cool design and interesting shaped.


Linda Barker in her designed sitting room of the Traditionally British home sponsored by Thomas Sanderson.


The front of the Traditional British home


A view of the kitchen area. Love the copper taps


The Time Saving house sponsored by Barclays


A bedroom in the time saving house with Scandi style and metallics from Wayfair.co.uk


The Ideal Home Show gardens section
Love this Moroccan themed garden



The Good Homes Magazine roomsets





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Savage Beauty at the V & A
What an amazing exhibition!
A visual treat.
I was one of the lucky ones invited to go to the press preview ahead of the celebrity event in the evening with Victoria and David Beckham, Kate Moss and all.

As a celebrity stylist I was invited to most of Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows during London Fashion Weeks. I went to his very first show ever, when he was the avant-garde controversial new boy on the fashion block.
This was held at the old Bluebird garage, a then derelict building on the KIngs Road, Chelsea which is now the Conran Bluebird bar and restaurant.
This first show was shocking to the audience as it was a fashion game changer with “bumster” trousers- the first time ever anyone had seen very low-rise, low slung androgynous trousers. His extraordinary creative talent, especially for tailoring, was already evident.

He was very particular about which press publications were allowed into his shows and which celebrities could wear his creations. There were many who were deemed not suitable.
I wonder how he would now view the transformed image of Victoria Beckham …….

The following photos that I took at the exhibition, need no words, as I believe they speak for themselves as a selection of McQueen’s talent and artistry in fashion.







#DavidBowie and #TheBookofMormon what a fantastic day today!

Couldn’t miss the press preview of the David Bowie retrospective at the V&A or the last minute matinee tickets we had obtained for the Book of Mormon today- even though I had been in bed with flu for last 3 days. So I emerged from the sick-bed leaving germs behind and excitement overtaking the flu-exhaustion.

The Bowie exhibition was just amazing- it assailed all senses. Reactive headphones to each exhibit allowed you to hear, see and completely experience Bowie from teenage career beginning to his tours, films, art and all aspects of his life. Bowie was my complete pin-up idol and I saw all his live concerts when I was in my 20’s so this was like living my past life for 2 hours again. I could have spent half a day there as there was so much to see, finishing with a room of giant video screens playing his last concert- it was nearly the same experience as being at the actual concert.
Just an amazing visual and all consuming sensory experience.

and then when I thought the day couldn’t get any better we laughed our way through the Book of Mormon.
It was sooooo camp and so funny that there was no mascara left on my lashes by the time it had ended-all cried off from laughing so much. Words cannot describe it except for camp, irreverent and brilliant…

I cannot recommend both experiences enough!. Rush to buy your tickets. You won’t be sorry.
I could go all over again. The best-est day !