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This is an article that is currently on the Wayfair.co.uk website reviewing my self help book
“Discover the New You” celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life,
published by Bookshaker,
available for sale on Amazon.co.uk
The article also mentions my “Style Your Life”  personal style and interior style businesses
that focus on creating best first impressions
for both you and your property.

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I love the High street and often dress my clients, both celebrity and non-celebrity, from the High street as often as I can.   I enjoy making the inexpensive look expensive. Much more rewarding.
To look as good wearing High Street as wearing Designer is completely achievable as can been seen from these photos below. These celebrities have all been dressed by House of Fraser, and all look fantastic. Well done House of Fraser!

*Michelle Keegan and Kate Garraway have dressed in styles that show their
personalities. Kate likes to wear body-con dresses that show off her hourglass shape,
This colour is perfect on her skin tones.
Michelle has chosen Grecian goddess in this Season’s nude tones. Understated and classy.

*Laura Whitmore’s jumpsuit is cool, young and very this season. Not sure if it’s being
worn back to front. However black is never the best colour to wear on the Red Carpet
from the point of view of your photo being put into the newspapers.

Metallics are a huge trend this season. Lucy Watson looks stylish in a metallic shift
dress whilst Sam Faiers has nodded to the trend carrying a metallic clutch bag. Sam is
channelling the pared down look that the actress Sharon Stone once wore to the Oscars,
when she wore a Gap white shirt teamed with an evening skirt. Somehow Sharon did
it better. I think the shirt should be more open at the neck, collar up, worn with more attitude.

Binky’s dress suits her straight up and down body shape as it adds curves with the

Connie Huq wears a 50’s Hollywood style dress that accentuates curves and is sexy
without being revealing.

Men doing the Red Carpet their way! Ollie Locke doing a classic dinner jacket look
but adding his own street style with loafers, no socks.


Victoria wears a style that is perfect for her bodyshape. The colour gold is flattering
near her face for her skin tone.


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Listen here

Sunday 8th May 2016 chatting on BBC Local radio stations nationwide, with Georgey Spanswick on style, fashion, and what you maybe can and cannot wear age 50+.
As I myself am in that age bracket and would like to age disgracefully, never looking like the proverbial “mutton”
I would say to all women age 50+, dress to suit your body shape, colouring, proportions and what works for your personal/public “brand.” and personality.
Feel happy and confident in yourself and it will show whatever you are wearing.
Be your best you!
Your brand is how you wish others to perceive you.
That “1st Impressions” moment.
So in wearing a pair of on trend fishnets and metallic shoes together with a pair of plain grey jeans says to me that Georgey would like to be seen as fun and cool, Never mumsy or boring.  In teaming the fishnets and silver loafers with a pair of plain grey jeans Georgey has shown that less is always more.

Add a statement or two to your basic neutral clothes and you will always appear age-appropriate.

Learn more about how to be your best you with my book “Discover the New You” Celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life.
or contact me for a 1-2-1 or online webinar or tutorial.

BBC radio

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UNDRESSED: A brief history of underwear sponsored by Revlon and Agent Provocateur is on at the V&A from 16th April 2016-12th March 2017

This exhibition was a revelation to me as a fashion stylist who studied fashion design and also owned a lingerie website “Red Carpet Undies”.
The evolving of underwear design over the centuries,
The relationship of underwear and fashion
how each decade’s morals defined how women and men wore underwear which was cut and fitted to hide, disguise or enhance the parts of the body that were considered fashionable.

My photos below are a selection of those I found most interesting, fun and include the description of what they are.










wpid-wp-1460559143596.jpgwpid-wp-1460559152676.jpgwpid-wp-1460559163934.jpgwpid-wp-1460560668038.jpgwpid-wp-1460560679003.jpgwpid-wp-1460560689520.jpgwpid-wp-1460560697207.jpgwpid-wp-1460560707204.jpgwpid-wp-1460560714205.jpgThis dress is from the 1930’s but to me could easily be from the present day.
wpid-wp-1460560721808.jpgThis Alexander Mcqueen dress from 2012 is just beautiful in its intricacy and design
and is reminiscent of 18th Century hooped petticoats


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When Liberty X were runners up in 2001 on ITV’s “Popstars The Rivals ”
I was the 1st person to style and create a cohesive image for them to move forward in their music career as a chart topping band.
I worked together with them on their hairstyles, clothes and public image.



Here are how Liberty X looked before and after my 1st styling session

Kevin Simms appears tonight on BBC TV’s Voice

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Savage Beauty at the V & A
What an amazing exhibition!
A visual treat.
I was one of the lucky ones invited to go to the press preview ahead of the celebrity event in the evening with Victoria and David Beckham, Kate Moss and all.

As a celebrity stylist I was invited to most of Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows during London Fashion Weeks. I went to his very first show ever, when he was the avant-garde controversial new boy on the fashion block.
This was held at the old Bluebird garage, a then derelict building on the KIngs Road, Chelsea which is now the Conran Bluebird bar and restaurant.
This first show was shocking to the audience as it was a fashion game changer with “bumster” trousers- the first time ever anyone had seen very low-rise, low slung androgynous trousers. His extraordinary creative talent, especially for tailoring, was already evident.

He was very particular about which press publications were allowed into his shows and which celebrities could wear his creations. There were many who were deemed not suitable.
I wonder how he would now view the transformed image of Victoria Beckham …….

The following photos that I took at the exhibition, need no words, as I believe they speak for themselves as a selection of McQueen’s talent and artistry in fashion.







Interior style v catwalk style

Should your home be flowery, just because your dress is?

It’s nearly July and dedicated fashionistas will be turning their attentions to Autumn & Winter’s styles; their Summer wardrobes picked out months ago.  But does it follow that, to be truly in vogue, what’s hot on the High Street should be reflected in your home?

Floral ‘14 – various designers interpret this year’s trend

A hallmark of Spring / Summer ’14 has been the rebirth of flower power; maybe not as brash as in its ‘60s heyday but, nevertheless, livelier than Jerry and Margot’s chaise longue! With floral patterns set to continue through Autumn & Winter, does your home décor need to echo that flowery dress?

Should interior design mimic clothing styles?

Perhaps the main difference between interiors and clothing is the fleeting nature of sartorial style. Before the High Street has a chance to catch up, leading designers have moved on to next season’s looks. We do our best to keep our wardrobes in check, but to extend that through the home would be a major undertaking – both practically and financially.

This bathroom design reflects current pastel and floral trends

Clothes and interiors do share a similar function though. We dress ourselves and our homes as an expression of our personality. We’re unlikely to wear something that feels uncomfortable, just as we might not choose to paint our walls neon yellow – even if it was the season’s colour.

Clothing designers present a collection of styles, from which we select the elements that suit us best. A three quarter length coat might drown a petite frame, but its monochrome colour scheme could be just your cup of tea.

Various uses of monochrome – it’s not all black and white!

Good design always suits its era. ‘40s and ‘50s styles were built around post-war austerity, innocence and traditionalism. Modest wooden furniture and window blinds characterised interiors, while clothes were utilitarian, simple, and chic.

Film stars, Fred MacMurray and Doris Day, demonstrate simple 1940’s elegance

Designers in the ‘60s were pushing boundaries – colours and shapes were brighter and bolder, and the materials used were at the forefront of technology. People were excited about space travel and psychedelics, and metals and plastics were used in futuristic ways. At the same time, the hippy movement took us back to the earth, with flowers and natural materials the order of the day.

1960s style experiments with colour, shape, texture, and materials. Rama CC-BY-SA-2.0-fr (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/fr/deed.en), via Wikimedia Commons

The ‘70s maintained this split personality. Experimentation was taken to overblown proportions, but equally balanced by subtle, Scandinavian minimalism.

The bold patterns worn by these models in the early 70s were at odds with the restrained minimalism of this Scandinavian interior design. Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-L0902-114 / Ulrich Häßler / CC-BY-SA 3.0-de (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/de/deed.en), via Wikimedia Commons

The number of styles covered over these few decades show how quickly fashion develops from one trend to the next; the constantly changing seasons only helping to spur it on.

Interior design changes at a naturally slower pace. It’s like a go-to outfit that you change-up by varying its accessories. Imagine deciding on an outfit that you had to wear for the foreseeable future. The same kind of thought is involved in designing interiors but, fortunately, we can turn to stylists who are in tune with the zeitgeist!

Trends are a great thing for keeping us on our toes, but it’s what we choose to do with them that truly shows personality – and makes fashion and interiors such an exciting area of work.

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