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Chatting on Talk Radio to Jake Yapp about a new drug that is in development, which may help reverse the ageing process by targeting and killing off old  cells.  What do we think? Would we take it?  What else can we do to live a healthier lifestyle?

Solgar Vitamins latest joint and bone vitamins for optimum health and mobility

solgarThe Solgar press event this week showcased their latest vitamin range for joint and bone fitness and wellness.  It was really interesting to listen to the nutritionist Paul Chamberlain about the science behind this range and why Solgar have launched these new products to help us achieve our fitness potential., Celebrity personal trainer Laura Williams also chatted to us on her thoughts on 2017 health and fitness trends.

It’s very interesting that the latest buzzword of healthy ingredients in the culinary world is Turmeric. Turmeric is well known to help reduce inflammation in the body.

Solgar 7 joint support and comfort for flexibility and mobility contains ingredients which include the natural anti-inflammatories- turmeric and ginger. (£25.99 for 30 tablets)

Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin is the compound also derived from Turmeric.  Also therefore targeting joint pain, inflammation and tenderness. (£27.50 for 30 tablets)

Solgar Extra Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM helps to support healthy joints and cartilage.(£43.00 for 60 tablets)

Solgar Ultimate Bone Support provide the key minerals calcium and magnesium with the vitamin K2 and D3 helping the absorption and support for bone building and support. (£22.99 for 120 tablets)

All these products are really interesting to me as someone who at 60 years old regularly participates in many sports from horse riding to dancing, and already has had significant cartilage wear and tear from being a ballet dancer in my youth.
I am excited to try out these vitamins especially the Solgar 7 as it was shown to have had significantly positive results on a testers over a 90 day period.

To find your local stockist visit www.Solgar.co.uk


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This was the makeover I did in July, for my lovely Style of Wight magazine “win a makeover” Winner Isobelle.
She and I worked together over 3 months on a diet/healthy eating regime.   We looked through her wardrobe at which styles and colours worked best for her body shape and colouring, and selected those items which should go to charity as they weren’t going to be worn again.  We discussed makeup, makeup brands, makeup tips and how to enhance her lips and eyebrows with clever makeup application.



During that time, I consulted with the brilliant hairdresser JoJo at Freshwater on what we wanted to achieve with a new more flattering haircut and colour for Isobelle’s face shape and skin tones.

The dress I selected for Isobelle to wear was from a selection of evening dresses to hire from Posh Frocks in Sandown, Isle of Wight.  I chose this black and white evening dress for Isobelle to wear, as the wide, off the shoulder, light coloured neckline created a slimming illusion, balancing her body shape.

The large selection of dresses to buy or hire in Posh Frocks in sizes 8-24 were great value for when you need something for that special occasion. Especially when you are a curvy lady and its often difficult to find that perfect dress to buy.

Isobelle had lost 3 stone by the time of the photoshoot, and looked wonderful,
But my lifestyle and style makeovers aren’t simply for a day.
They are a life change plan to take forward, so I hope that all the hints and tips that I offered Isobelle will stay with her for the future.

Please contact me for a 1-2-1 bespoke personal style session or group workshop in London, the UK mainland, or the Isle of Wight
on 07831506968
or email: ceril@cerilstyle.com

My self-help book Discover the New You, celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life is available to buy on Amazon.co.uk

Jo Jo hairdressers Freshwater Isle of Wight  tel: 01983 755503
Posh Frocks at Sandown 01983 289670



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This is an article that is currently on the Wayfair.co.uk website reviewing my self help book
“Discover the New You” celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life,
published by Bookshaker,
available for sale on Amazon.co.uk
The article also mentions my “Style Your Life”  personal style and interior style businesses
that focus on creating best first impressions
for both you and your property.

Click on a thumbnail below to read each page:


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#nomakeupselfie after my first visit to Lisa Harris Skin Science salon in Weybridge for a Collagen Wave treatment. The treatment that everyone has been talking about during Amanda Holden’s week standing in for Lorraine on ITV.


My skin was literally glowing, as you can see from this no-make-up selfie straight afterwards, and my most disliked part of my face (droopy chin) was definitely improved.
A long way yet to go as these radio frequency treatments are accumulative in effect over a 6 month period which varies according to each person.

The use of radio frequency has been used medically for many years. When the device touches the skin, It has the ability to heat large areas of collagen in the deeper skin layers and underlying tissue in safe controlled doses of Radio-frequency energy.
This heating action causes the deep collagen structures in the skin to immediately tighten and improve the existing collagen.

This treatment can be combined with other skin rejuvenation and aesthetic treatments.

Lisa added Peptides into the treatment gel she used on my face to help plump and nourish. The whole treatment was a lovely experience, not just because Lisa was pretty, charming and extremely knowledgeable but also because I love warmth and the radio waves are delivered into the skin layers through a gentle heat in the rollers which massage the face.



Not only did I have a fab and effective treatment which gave me an indication of how good my skin could look in the future after a series of treatments together with Lisa’s customised skin care regime and treatment programme,

But I also came away with a natural wax pure essential oils candle which is one of Lisa’s new signature classics. Lime and mint. A perfect relaxation fragranced candle.

Lisa is based in Knightsbridge and Weybridge
Tel: 01932 841717

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I get invited to many product launch parties, but as I prefer a few early nights, as I’m no longer in my 20’s or 30’s or 40’s……..!…but when I receive a launch party invite that is cryptic, I take interest.

My invite only told me that all will be revealed after (a men’s barber shop haircut if wished (obvs, if you are a man), cocktails, canapes and a sit down 3-course dinner cooked by a top chef before the big reveal, it seemed churlish not accept.

Well it’s Lynx, which has had a 33 year history of helping guys feel more attractive, in countries around the world.


It’s interesting that my own lifestyle business www.cerilcampbell.com and my book “Discover the New You” are all about helping men and women look and feel their best from inside out with confidence and individuality.
The same message as Lynx’s new campaign.

#Lynx #findyourmagic expansive new range of grooming products has a £13m campaign to give guys the tools to be their own person. To express their male individuality. This campaign champions male confidence, acceptance, and individuality. Lynx’s research showed that 9 out of 10 women find guys most attractive when they’re comfortable being themselves.  But male perceptions of what makes them attractive are still shaped by outdated labels and expectations. Guys continue to feel huge pressure to appear to be that manly stereotype which affects their confidence. I’m not surprised that only 15% men in most countries feel they’re less attractive than they actually are.



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After a week’s stay at Grayshott Spa I now feel mentally and physically revitalised and ready to face the world again.

We all have moments in our life when we need to simply stop to recharge, regroup, take stock and then start again.
Usually these are key moments in life such as divorce, bereavement, recuperation from an injury or an operation, exhaustion or burn out, a milestone birthday, weight-gain or weight-loss.

For over 30 years I have chosen Grayshott Spa as my go-to sanctuary where I re-find my positive and energetic self, just like re-booting a computer to get it operating again in tip-top condition.

This time my reason is 6 weeks post-hip-resurface-surgery to get healthy and fit mentally and physically, then consider my personal and business venture options that I put on hold for 3 months.

Arrival and first days at any hotel or spa always seem to be less than relaxed and take a bit of pace adjustment.
Often room changes, specific diet requirements and booking favourite treatments and therapists can feel unnecessarily.stressful.
but by day #3 I am so chilled I am nearly comatose.

Day #2 has a slight blip in the middle of the night with a fire alarm evacuation
(not a drill but a real evacuation with 2 fire engines arriving within minutes)
but all is resolved swiftly by both the fire-brigade and the extremely kind and efficient staff, led by the incredibly calm front desk manager, Michelle- all credit to her- amazing leadership skills for such a young girl,

It is quite a funny experience looking back on it (especially as the cause of the fire is caught early enough to not be serious) It feels possibly rather like a wartime evacuation, as all guests and staff are huddled together in the middle of a cold rainy night in our nighties and pj’s, on an indoor tennis court, whilst waiting for the firemen to give the all clear so we can return to our nice comfy warm king size beds.

From day #3 onwards everything is running smoothly again, with my mornings starting with a daily swim in the indoor pool or heated outdoor pool on the sunnier days. Then a very quick submersion in the freezing cold plunge pool in the sauna and steam room area.









This is the beautiful view from my bedroom window of the heated outdoor pool and the grounds.

Breakfast everyday is a selection of fruits, healthy cereals, porridge, choice of eggs, smoked salmon, and also gluten and dairy free options if required. I am not even missing my daily Expresso.










I spend mornings relaxing or initially taking gentle exercise until an early lunch.

Every day at midday is a pre-lunch talk from a different nutritional expert. Each providing information on how to eat and live a healthier lifestyle. Ideas to take home to continue all the effort and good work started here. Talks include how not have a yo-yo cycle of diet and weight gain, how stress can prevent you losing weight, which fats are good and which are bad, good and bad carbs. All fascinating facts to help you improve your eating habits

Every lunchtime a delicious home-cooked vegetarian soup is the starter before the large daily help-yourself buffet. The Grayshott Spa ethos is to fill up your plate with mostly vegetables and salad, whilst the smaller portion should be protein and good carbs.

This glorious Wisteria is the view from my lunch table.

I choose to not overload myself with too many treatments as my objective is to relax, so my daily highlight is my after-lunch massage. Bliss. My favourite therapists are Donna (who has known me since I first started coming here) and Faye and Pam.
All Grayshott therapists are excellent at their job, but its always lovely to return to the ones that you have an ongoing relationship with

As I regain my energy levels daily,  I vary my exercise with pilates and
yoga classes at tea-time, where the instructors give classes that work for all guest abilities, by showing various options of how to do an exercise that could prove to be too challenging for some.

Sue Woods is a visiting instructor whom I have been working with for many years now, whose knowledge and mastery of yoga, tai-chi and chi-gong never ceases to amaze me.

There is an end-of-day rest and relaxation class which is a guided meditation and I also choose to have a 1-2-1 meditation session to help focus on my life choice possibilities.

My personal favourite lecture is by Sharon Gregory on the art of willpower and mindfulness. So difficult to only have one chocolate or one biscuit isn’t it?…..Sharon sees 1-2-1 clients at Grayshott for NLP, hypnotherapy and EFT, and practices locally as well (sharon@atimetochange.co.uk)

The Grayshott nutritionist Stephanie Moore is also inspirational and has helped many returning guests lose significant weight and subsequently keep it off.

Dinners are designed by the executive chef to appeal both visually and to the taste buds whilst being healthy and low calorie. Yummy

There are also a myriad of beauty treatments. I am saving the facial for my final day.
I’m sad to leave but my stay has helped me change me from recovering from an operation to being ready to face the world again

01428 602000

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It’s always difficult to decide where to go for a short break to the Winter sun as a single traveller, but I recently found the solution at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Sharm?ticks all the boxes for short flight, no jet lag and guaranteed sun.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Club rooms and suites offer privacy, comfort, fantastic personal service and security which is especially important to myself as a single female traveller.

Be sure to also request the Hotel’s airport meet and greet service when you book (a supplement) but this VIP service whisks you through customs and passport control quicker than you can say “Sharm El Sheikh”!

The Club rooms and suites at the Hotel all have sea view and access to the Club Lounge which is overseen by the Refky, the charming and super-efficient Club Lounge manager of 15 years.

The Club lounge becomes your daily destination for social interaction, free internet access and breakfast, lunch and pre-dinner canapes with unlimited drinks. This exclusive facility enables you to feel not-so-on- your-own, as it is such a friendly small place. By the end of a week you will have made friends (if you choose to do so) with most of the Club guests! or at least to say Hello to them. I can only describe my stay as a Hotel Club guest similar to turning left on a plane instead of right.

I flew EasyJet from Gatwick to Sharm, so there was no turning left on the plane, but I did book Speedy boarding and my reserved seat made the approx 5 hour flights quite painless.

The Club Lounge has 4 sessions a day where delicious canapes/small bites are served. Breakfast is a Continental selection with the addition of eggs cooked to request by the chef on hand.

Lunch is sandwiches and canape-style small bites and salads and a daily soup.

All guests turned up for tea regularly each day as scones, cream and jam, yummy small cakes, sandwiches and savoury canapes in the shade gave us a break from our suntanning routines.

Pre-dinner canapes again were often enough to not have a dinner as well, although I did road test dinners at the Italian restaurant-La Luna, The Arabian restaurant-Fayrouz and Blue Ginger- Japanese.

Apart from lying on my sunbed on the beach each day overlooking the reef…

My daily ritual was a morning length’s swim in the huge pools- heated and non-heated (still warm), breakfast, sun-bathe, lunch with rose wine, nap in shade, tea, then gym and a Spa treatment.

I treated myself to a daily massage with Wael who was the Spa manager who was excellent and a reflexology with Moon, a Thai lady. I also had a 20 minute massage on the beach listening to the waves breaking. Bliss…..

The best thing about this trip was that all the treatments were not so expensive to be unaffordable- the 20 minute beach massage was on special offer at approx ?20 whilst the Spa hour massages were around ?50 for 50 minutes and ?25 for 25 minutes reflexology.
Unaccustomed to holidaying on my own, I was anxious that I could feel awkward, but this trip was so good. Rarely can one say it was a perfect holiday – but it was. There wasn’t even a single cloud in the sky for the whole week. Looking forward to re-visiting next year.

#pilates personal training & beauty treatments at Duo health & Fitness

On my mission to be my best me again. Discovered that there is a new health & fitness studio, DUO, only 5 minutes walk from my office with a great Pilates teacher,Christina, who specializes in rehab. I am now into lesson 2 and can already see an improvement in how I use my body correctly when I exercise.
Looking forward to how much change I can manage in the next few months.

This studio also has personal trainers, training equipment and a beauty treatments for both you and your man.
I haven't tried any yet as I have only had time to experience the gym with complete focus on my 1-2-1 on the Pilates Reformer machine.


2a Gunter Grove SW10 0UJ
0207 3525399

3rd personal training session at LOMAX

Warwick decided to make my Wednesday session a Reiki healing session rather than a gym training. So relaxing.- lovely treat!

What did Friday’s session bring? A weigh-in, body-fat calculation (oh dear) and a proper sweat and puff inducing training session.

Lulled into a false sense of security!

and I didn’t ask what I weighed…… know that all my clothes are too tight are at the moment.
3 more sessions next week……………
@lomaxPT #styleyourlife