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This is an article that is currently on the Wayfair.co.uk website reviewing my self help book
“Discover the New You” celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life,
published by Bookshaker,
available for sale on Amazon.co.uk
The article also mentions my “Style Your Life”  personal style and interior style businesses
that focus on creating best first impressions
for both you and your property.

Click on a thumbnail below to read each page:


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UNDRESSED: A brief history of underwear sponsored by Revlon and Agent Provocateur is on at the V&A from 16th April 2016-12th March 2017

This exhibition was a revelation to me as a fashion stylist who studied fashion design and also owned a lingerie website “Red Carpet Undies”.
The evolving of underwear design over the centuries,
The relationship of underwear and fashion
how each decade’s morals defined how women and men wore underwear which was cut and fitted to hide, disguise or enhance the parts of the body that were considered fashionable.

My photos below are a selection of those I found most interesting, fun and include the description of what they are.










wpid-wp-1460559143596.jpgwpid-wp-1460559152676.jpgwpid-wp-1460559163934.jpgwpid-wp-1460560668038.jpgwpid-wp-1460560679003.jpgwpid-wp-1460560689520.jpgwpid-wp-1460560697207.jpgwpid-wp-1460560707204.jpgwpid-wp-1460560714205.jpgThis dress is from the 1930’s but to me could easily be from the present day.
wpid-wp-1460560721808.jpgThis Alexander Mcqueen dress from 2012 is just beautiful in its intricacy and design
and is reminiscent of 18th Century hooped petticoats


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Off to Thailand and Hong Kong. Staying at the ANANTARA BOPHUT, Koh Samui and then the MIRA HOTEL Hong Kong.
will be keeping you all updated with pix and stories…. well a few anyway!

Can anyone recommend any great little local restaurants in the Fisherman’s village in Koh Samui next to our hotel?
can anyone recommend specific shopping destinations/stores /not necessarily the markets-in Hong Kong to buy Designer at discounted prices. You know what I mean!
Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Tods in particular,
handbags- any of the top designer cool brands…..

Also looking for an interesting inexpensive lingerie shop (not expensive) that i can go to see who might sell to me in the UK for my Redcarpetundies.com lingerie solutions website. Looking for sexy bridal and maternity lingerie especially.
Not going into China as no time.

Also any interesting contacts for business or social that anyone might like to pass on is always good! I will be with my photographer son Rory who will be taking pix too.

V excited……
Look forward to hearing from you.

PS my new book Discover the new you- celebrity stylist secrers to transform your life is out now on Amazon.co.uk. The first edition is on sale in translation in China as well.

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Discover the new you, celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life

br />

You may like to check out my new book on www.Amazon.co.uk or on my website www.cerilcampbell.com

It’s a great Mother’s day present or a gift for yourself to find out how to become “your best you” with self-confidence and style. Whether you are a new young mum or a more mature woman I want you to look in the mirror and love what you see.

Discover the New You, celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life.

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bra fitting

With the publication of the recent feature in Easy Living on my one-2-one lingerie fit sessions, I have been inundated with enquiries. It is so interesting to see how the correct fitting bra can actually change a woman’s life. The most recent example was a client with a very large bust- a problem bust that had been a weighty problem throughout her adult life- to be exact aprroximately a 44F problem – she thought.

The final size we ended up with was 4 back sizes down! Wearing such a substantially smaller back size changed her whole body shape, changed how her clothes looked and reduced her bust shape from unshapely Anne Widdecombe proportions to simply a large bust sitting in the correct place also giving her a midriff and waist.

The bra that created a great look for her was this one by Elila, from RedCarpetUndies

I am always so happy when I literally change someone’s life.

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Easy Living editorial in the November issue-out now!


When were you last fitted for your bra? Do you actually wear the correct bra size? Do you have lingerie that may have seen better days? Has your bodyshape changed after pregnancy, diets, menopause or simply just time?!

If so, you may like to read this Easy Living feature in the November issue-(out now) all about my one-2-one lingerie fit service and lingerie drawer weed in the privacy of your own home. Lingerie shopping together with myself or one of my team is another option both from brands I stock on www.Redcarpetundies.com or from any lingerie department store. Proper fitting lingerie will make all the difference to how you look and feel in your clothes.

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