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When Liberty X were runners up in 2001 on ITV’s “Popstars The Rivals ”
I was the 1st person to style and create a cohesive image for them to move forward in their music career as a chart topping band.
I worked together with them on their hairstyles, clothes and public image.



Here are how Liberty X looked before and after my 1st styling session

Kevin Simms appears tonight on BBC TV’s Voice

#DavidBowie and #TheBookofMormon what a fantastic day today!

Couldn’t miss the press preview of the David Bowie retrospective at the V&A or the last minute matinee tickets we had obtained for the Book of Mormon today- even though I had been in bed with flu for last 3 days. So I emerged from the sick-bed leaving germs behind and excitement overtaking the flu-exhaustion.

The Bowie exhibition was just amazing- it assailed all senses. Reactive headphones to each exhibit allowed you to hear, see and completely experience Bowie from teenage career beginning to his tours, films, art and all aspects of his life. Bowie was my complete pin-up idol and I saw all his live concerts when I was in my 20’s so this was like living my past life for 2 hours again. I could have spent half a day there as there was so much to see, finishing with a room of giant video screens playing his last concert- it was nearly the same experience as being at the actual concert.
Just an amazing visual and all consuming sensory experience.

and then when I thought the day couldn’t get any better we laughed our way through the Book of Mormon.
It was sooooo camp and so funny that there was no mascara left on my lashes by the time it had ended-all cried off from laughing so much. Words cannot describe it except for camp, irreverent and brilliant…

I cannot recommend both experiences enough!. Rush to buy your tickets. You won’t be sorry.
I could go all over again. The best-est day !

CRAZY HORSE revue show

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Birthday treat at the new Crazy Horse revue show on the South Bank. Fantastic marquee with neon lighting and a bar- makes you feel like you could be in Paris!

The show is full of identical perfect bodied girls all quite undressed, except for very clever artistic lighting creating modesty and illusion. The girls were more beautiful and slightly androgenous in their style of bodily perfection, rather than sexy, but it definitely made you want to book gym training sessions to get bodies like theirs.

The sketches were often amusing as well as cleverly staged and choregraphed, and definitely a great evening out in London – one with a difference.

then dinner at Bob Bob Ricard, in Soho. Loving the bell on the table ” ring for champagne”