Sunday’s daily walk – finally wearing jeans, not leggings – and with clean hair too

One day each week wearing normal clothes seems to help mental wellness and even brings a tiny bit of the old normal back again into your life – even briefly.

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#tbt How strange it seems now that being in the middle of a crowd in a field at an IoW music festival was the normal

Our new normal changes daily.

We have to be positive and live in the moment – not looking further ahead than tomorrow, creating our new normal with at least one planned activity a day to look forward to – apart from your one daily walk/exercise outdoors.

You could make time to:
Phone or video chat to someone living on their own.
Make a cake – however bad.
Try an online fitness class.
Have a dance in the kitchen
Get dressed
or just do a meditation.
It gives a purpose and structure to the day.and helps your mental wellness.
Stay safe and well

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