Ionian Discoveries

Jamie, a young, good-looking British marine biologist takes you out on his boat with around 12 other snorkelling enthusiasts for what you may expect to be a quite normal holiday-style-fun-day of snorkelling, with a bit of marine life info thrown in, as well as an on-board delicious Greek lunch.
But this day is like no other I have ever spent snorkelling anywhere in the world…. All due to Jamie and his stories.
Jamie is one of the most interesting and funny orators of information about the underwater world that I have ever encountered, appealing to both younger children and adults. His enthusiasm is infectious and you will learn not only how to find all those sea creatures you have always missed, when snorkelling, that hide or camouflage themselves under rocks on the sea bed, but you will also learn all about their daily habits, particularly the mating habits of the octopus, sea-cucumber, star fish and sea-urchin. He helps you to find and gather various sea creatures for his onboard aquarium, for closer inspection, that are then gently returned to the sea alive and well by the end of the trip.
You will never be able to look at an octopus or a sea cucumber in the same way again.
This was definitely one of the highlights of my stay in Kefalonia.

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