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This article is on how to present your home to its best advantage with home staging.
This can create best first impressions for an aspirational lifestyle
to prospective home buyers.  They can see how the interior spaces can be best used
and also imagine themselves living there.

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Celebrity styling Home staging UK Interiors Lifestyle

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I am quoted in this feature from the March issue of The City Magazine.
I believe you only get one chance to make a best first impression, so when presenting your property for high end rental, it is important to create best use of space and light in how you style and furnish it.

How you live day-to-day in your property may not offer exactly the lifestyle a One fine Stay guest rental imagines or aspires to.
Sometimes a de-clutter or a subtle re-style or tweak may make all the difference.

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Celebrity styling Home staging UK Interiors Lifestyle Property

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With the success of my Ceril Campbell, Style Your Life, lifestyle and celebrity style business spanning 30 years, where I created style transformations for A-list stars including Ringo Starr, Darcey Bussell CBE, Zara Phillips and Serena Williams and consulted for style projects to worldwide brands such as Sony, Schwarzkopf, Deloitte and the BBC, I found clients were asking me to add Interior design, Property build transformations and Home-staging to my lifestyle services.  So I did!

The same design criteria apply in creating a stylish lasting first impression that wows.
Whether it’s for the actual client personally, or for their property.
Their home is an extension of their personality.

I like to understand clients’ lifestyle, budget, goals and aspirations.
Their requirements in what they wish to achieve with my expertise and within budget.
I work with proportion and balance, light and shade for a successful end result of best first impressions.

First impressions are all important.

The art of Illusion is also key.
Room interiors and body shape proportions both need clever tricks to enhance and disguise and create balance in designing the overall look and the final dressing.
North or South facing rooms, and our facial skin tones both require specific colour choices to reflect light and enhance.

I also take the following into consideration:

A property’s current value and likely end value before and after build or staging.
A property’s location. It is pointless to overspend on building works if the property value is capped, due to where it is situated.

I can improve a property’s value with a small or big transformation, according to budget and time,
working with an architect and builders on a design and build project
with an instant style makeover or simply a de-clutter.
with home staging, and creative use of furniture, furnishings, artwork and accessories,
I can make a dull space interesting, demonstrate how a large empty space can be divided into living areas, how a tired unloved ex-rental property can be shown to be once again to be a desirable comfortable family home that is attractive to buyers, at a premium price.

Home staging, furnishing and styling an empty property to sell, offers prospective purchasers a glimpse into how they could live in this property.

My transformations are never impersonal or formulaic, but offer warmth and individuality, showing an aspirational lifestyle appealing and targeted specifically to the likely property applicants in each area.

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My original replies on my thoughts on dressing rooms
some of which has appeared in the Daily Mail interiors feature on Dressing Rooms below

To me, there’s something very luxurious and glamorous about having a dressing room – do you agree? Why do you think it is? Is it our associations with showbiz etc?
Dressing rooms have an association with celebrity, glamour and 50’s style old-school Hollywood glamour in particular.

To have a dressing room also means that you are affluent or successful enough to own a large selection of clothes and accessories and also to have enough space in your home to be able to create the dressing room which is not a necessity but a luxury.

Have you worked with clients to create dressing rooms at all? Have you noticed an increase in demand?
All my female clients would like a dressing area- or a whole dressing room so that they have a separate space for their clothes to their husbands or partners. Usually I find that the man’s wardrobe space and indeed many of the wardrobes around the home have been overtaken by the wife’s clothes/shoes/coats/evening dresses etc
I created a weekly column in a magazine, quite a few years ago now, when I was regularly styling celebrities, “in the closet with….”
It was an interesting insight into the world of celebrity and how, what and where they stored their clothes….

Are dressing rooms just for very big homes/ very wealthy clients – or can they be achieved on a budget?
My whole Interior/property styling business/ethos is to create an aspirational lifestyle for my clients on the budget they can afford- however small- (
There are always ways of creating the look/the dressing-room/the living space you want within your budget. Its about thinking outside the box.
This is my forte.
Making the inexpensive appear expensive, and the simple look luxurious.

Have you seen or worked on any examples where space has been used creatively in this regard – for instance, a cupboard being turned into a dressing room?
yes- with clever use of room dividers, dressing areas in bathrooms, in corridors, walk-through wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes. Borrowing space from the room next door, creating a dividing area between bedroom and bathroom. Anything is possible with creativity,

What to you makes the ultimate dressing room? How can you combine practicality and luxury?
Firstly mirrors
You would be surprised how few clients have long mirrors to see how they look- (many try never to look in a mirror at all)
and mirrors to see your backview too.
Hanging space that creates logical storage and easy access to the clothes to be worn in the current weather/season.
Ie;Summer clothes in the Summer and Winter in the Winter and the rest to be stored.
rails high enough for long clothes and enough shelving for folded clothes, accessories and shoes.
My top tip is plastic or acrylic shoe boxes which can be stacked and you can see what shoes you have. I have changed many a clients life with these!
Its all about organisation

It has been said that a dressing room can add value to a property – are they quite a savvy investment in this way?
I would say that a stylish kitchen and bathroom add the most wow factor and value to a property, but I think that its often women who may help sway the decision to buy a property, so a dressing room would always be a plus point for us.Bit like Carrie in Sex and the City when she was going to get a flat with Mr Big- the flat had a walk-in closet where she could put all her shoes!

With the difficult housing market, have you noticed a trend for people making modifications to their home instead of moving/ selling – as a sort of more affordable treat?
Absolutely, especially as it is often cheaper to modify than move and also will add value.

Is it necessary to undergo serious building/ structural works to create a dressing room or can it be done more easily?
Are there any recent developments – hotels, blocks of flats, etc – which have featured dressing rooms in a way you have admired?
Dressing rooms I admire
see my board on pinterest ( ceril campbell)- “dressing room” board

Finally, any top tips for our readers looking to create a dressing room on a budget?
Find from the High st/online/charity shops/car boots etc
the following
stack various sized attractive boxes/vintage suitcases/hatboxes for storage
arrange accessories/bags/jewellery to hang from hooks on walls
source a vintage or 2nd hand dressing table to renovate/paint/decorate to fit your dressing room theme.
find a chair or chaise longue that will make a statement in the room- maybe to re-cover with a new fabric.
A glamorous statement chandelier style light- loving the ones I have just seen at BHS press day for autumn/winter 2014
Fake or real fur cushions/rugs/throws( according to your preference)
any cushions or fabrics which are tactile and appear sexy and lush
Coloured rails for clothes

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Home staging UK Interiors Lifestyle Property

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I thought it would be really useful to share this informative guest blog entry with you on stylish curtains and window dressing, and the best ways to make curtains work in your property.

Accessorising Curtains with Holdbacks and Tiebacks

Curtains are available in almost limitless variations of shape, size, colour, pattern and texture. Particular attention should be paid to your choice of curtain, since they can add huge value to a room’s character and essence. For those who opt out of investing in traditional shades or blinds for more intricately designed curtains, curtain accessories are a practical yet decorative way on holding back curtains for display purposes over general everyday use.


For some, a tieback is an afterthought, something that is not well considered since they can often be seen as boring and ordinary. This doesn’t have to be the case, they can also have fabulous designs which can enhance the look of the home’s interior and allow more light to flow into the home. As well as being extremely useful, tiebacks themselves come in many shapes and forms; ropes, hooks, rings and ties all offer something different for your window dressings.

The right curtain holdback can make the difference between an exciting window dressing and a drab one. There are many options available – no matter the budget – and it is often a case of doing research into your theme to find what has worked well previously.

So, what are the options?

Wooden Holdbacks

These holdbacks generally work well in rooms with a country or rustic theme. Usually they are either purchased unfinished to allow consumers to decorate accordingly or finished with a desired colour to enhance a room theme to help enhance a colour or style . Wooden Holdbacks enable the consumer to either holdback or loop curtains into a desired position. These are often chosen as they are free from adornments, easy to install and use.  These particular holdbacks have a hand-turned or machine-turned finish, giving a muted elegance.

Metal Holdbacks

These can be directly screwed into the wall next to a curtain and can protrude five or six inches. The holdbacks these days are made from a wide range of metals – from brass, silver or steel to chrome and iron, often varying in price depending on the value of the metal, design and finish. These metal fixtures come with straight or swivelled stems and are often etched with ornate designs. Metal holdbacks are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a sleek profile that works well with contemporary curtains and are easy to install.

Fabric Tiebacks

The most popular and traditional tieback are made of fabric. They are used all over the world because they are cheap to buy, easy to install and can hold back heavier drapes. The traditional fabric tiebacks are frequently braided and include fringe tassels. This style is commonly used in formal dining rooms and receiving areas, where an air of decadence is often desired. More often than not they will be ropes or pieces of large patterned fabric.


Homemade Tiebacks

In recent years the frugal fraternity have created some innovative and interesting homemade curtain tiebacks in a bid to save money. Many of these homemade tiebacks incorporate household products, jewellery, napkin rings, floors, teddies, bandannas, old rags and clothes. There are thousands of homemade tiebacks online, so if you feel that a unique tieback is what you need for a theme just type into Google “Homemade curtain tiebacks” or take a look at this article on the 10 Creative Ways to Use Household Items As Curtain Hardware.

As you can tell there is no one-size-fits-all solution and households have the opportunity to invest in tiebacks that will not only do the job it was made for but will enhance and add to a theme as well. If you ever struggle selecting one please do ask an interior specialist, the last thing you want to do is mess up all the hard work that has gone in to decorating and creating a theme.

This post was contributed by Karl Young, a DIY and interior enthusiast on behalf of Poles Direct, a leading UK online supplier and manufacturer of high quality curtain poles and accessories, including a wide range of curtain holdbacks and tiebacks.

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An Interiors feature in the Daily Mail on the Metallics trend and how to work it into your own home design.
It is simple to take a fashion or interiors trend and try it out as an accent or accessory rather than full-on straight away.
Reflective metallic fabrics, wallpapers and accessories can create opulence and luxury
whilst metals such as copper used in lighting, bathrooms and kitchens can work brilliantly in urban industrial style interiors.

I personally love mixing up textures and styles- smooth with rough, shiny with matte.
It creates a more interesting style in a home.

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