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I thought it would be really useful to share this informative guest blog entry with you on stylish curtains and window dressing, and the best ways to make curtains work in your property.

Accessorising Curtains with Holdbacks and Tiebacks

Curtains are available in almost limitless variations of shape, size, colour, pattern and texture. Particular attention should be paid to your choice of curtain, since they can add huge value to a room’s character and essence. For those who opt out of investing in traditional shades or blinds for more intricately designed curtains, curtain accessories are a practical yet decorative way on holding back curtains for display purposes over general everyday use.


For some, a tieback is an afterthought, something that is not well considered since they can often be seen as boring and ordinary. This doesn’t have to be the case, they can also have fabulous designs which can enhance the look of the home’s interior and allow more light to flow into the home. As well as being extremely useful, tiebacks themselves come in many shapes and forms; ropes, hooks, rings and ties all offer something different for your window dressings.

The right curtain holdback can make the difference between an exciting window dressing and a drab one. There are many options available – no matter the budget – and it is often a case of doing research into your theme to find what has worked well previously.

So, what are the options?

Wooden Holdbacks

These holdbacks generally work well in rooms with a country or rustic theme. Usually they are either purchased unfinished to allow consumers to decorate accordingly or finished with a desired colour to enhance a room theme to help enhance a colour or style . Wooden Holdbacks enable the consumer to either holdback or loop curtains into a desired position. These are often chosen as they are free from adornments, easy to install and use.  These particular holdbacks have a hand-turned or machine-turned finish, giving a muted elegance.

Metal Holdbacks

These can be directly screwed into the wall next to a curtain and can protrude five or six inches. The holdbacks these days are made from a wide range of metals – from brass, silver or steel to chrome and iron, often varying in price depending on the value of the metal, design and finish. These metal fixtures come with straight or swivelled stems and are often etched with ornate designs. Metal holdbacks are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a sleek profile that works well with contemporary curtains and are easy to install.

Fabric Tiebacks

The most popular and traditional tieback are made of fabric. They are used all over the world because they are cheap to buy, easy to install and can hold back heavier drapes. The traditional fabric tiebacks are frequently braided and include fringe tassels. This style is commonly used in formal dining rooms and receiving areas, where an air of decadence is often desired. More often than not they will be ropes or pieces of large patterned fabric.


Homemade Tiebacks

In recent years the frugal fraternity have created some innovative and interesting homemade curtain tiebacks in a bid to save money. Many of these homemade tiebacks incorporate household products, jewellery, napkin rings, floors, teddies, bandannas, old rags and clothes. There are thousands of homemade tiebacks online, so if you feel that a unique tieback is what you need for a theme just type into Google “Homemade curtain tiebacks” or take a look at this article on the 10 Creative Ways to Use Household Items As Curtain Hardware.

As you can tell there is no one-size-fits-all solution and households have the opportunity to invest in tiebacks that will not only do the job it was made for but will enhance and add to a theme as well. If you ever struggle selecting one please do ask an interior specialist, the last thing you want to do is mess up all the hard work that has gone in to decorating and creating a theme.

This post was contributed by Karl Young, a DIY and interior enthusiast on behalf of Poles Direct, a leading UK online supplier and manufacturer of high quality curtain poles and accessories, including a wide range of curtain holdbacks and tiebacks.

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