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Jem Friar, The Personal Detox Coach

Jem comes to you, and whilst living in your home, creates a spa-in-your-home and detox for a minimum of 4 days. He comes armed with huge juicing machines, and boxes of organic fruit and vegs. You are woken daily with hot water and lemon. You will then have a juiced mixed fruit drink for breakfast, juiced fruit and veg for lunch and tea and a vegetable broth for dinner during your fast. You break the fast on the last day with a delicious salad of all sorts of leaves and raw and sprouting vegetables and seeds. His cooking is great and is it is amazing what he can rustle up with just fruit and veg. In between each "meal" you will have treatments that include yoga, chi gung, massage, Indian head massage, Thai yoga massage, meditation and other therapies. He is also interesting to chat to about how you feel about your current life and lifestyle and moving on in your life with goals and aspirations. I would recommend doing this when you have a child-free period, otherwise it is not so restful and beneficial as it could be.

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