Radically No Surgetics Age Defying and Unifying Nightcare & Restorative Age-Defying Concentrate

“Whenever a new Givenchy anti-ageing creams appears it is always exciting to try. It definitely helps make a difference to my skin tone, and how it feels and looks”.

Radically No Surgetics is a global anti-ageing range formulated to ward off wrinkles and lift facial features with the power of the Dermo-Target System. Radically No Surgetics Restorative age-defying concentrate (RRP £72.50) has six times more formula than the cream plus rice di-/tri-peptides and Kombu extract for intense, overall regeneration and recovery of the skin. Radically No Surgetics Restorative age-defying and unifying nightcare (RRP £82.50) is an incredibly rich balm that works on your skin while you sleep. Specifically targeting drak spots, the formula contains a high dose of salycic acid and African birch cyclosphere that leaves the skin visibly renewed and clearer.

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