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Universal Contour Wrap

I have used this wrap when I have needed to look my best for a red carpet event, or a TV appearance. We girls all have "feeling fat" days, even if we actually aren’t any different in size from the day before, but at those times of the month, or after a few days of over indulgence, then this wrap is definitely a quick fix to help you feel and look slimmer. After the treatment you really have lost inches, and the skin appears smoother. Even better the effect is guaranteed for 30 days – or your money back (as far as they are aware, this is the only beauty treatment available in the UK that offers such a guarantee). Of course, with any treatment, it works best when it is done on a course basis, together with a healthier diet and exercise. But there is no doubt that Universal contour wrap works and helps you look better for that special occasion. I believe that it is the only treatment of its kind that guarantees an inch loss. It certainly works for me brilliantly. I have my treatments at the Balance, Kings rd, London SW3

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