Cyprus Anassa

Cyprus is only 4 Hours from London and hot enough to lie in the sun even in the Winter and Spring months. The Anassa has won the Tatler Award for World Top Spa Legend 2007 and the Villegiature Award Best Resort in Europe 2006. After visiting for a week in May last year, I totally agreed with these verdicts. The Anassa is situated in a beautiful bay (by a nature reserve-so still natural and unbuilt). The architectural interiors are visually impressive as you enter, and the staff attentive. This is a luxurious and glamorous 5* Hotel where as a woman, you might wish to dress stylishly at night appropriate to the surroundings, especially as two of the restaurants offer ‘serious’ gourmet food, beautifully presented, served in romantic dining rooms. Equally if you are on your own or with your family and children, you will have no need to dress up at all, as you may simply move from the beach and poolside (or even your own private pool in a garden villa) during the daytime to the more casual buffet dining room, poolside restaurants or special entertainment nights such as the beach barbeque and the Greek night set outside with traditional dancing and music. Although the food is fantastic you can still leave feeling fit and svelte as there is an excellent nutritionist on hand to help you with your dietary requirements. At the breakfast buffet there is even a ‘healthy corner’ with soya milk and wheat free cereals and bread, whilst the Spa has a special, delicious, menu too and a juice bar. The Spa is a place that is not simply an adjunct to the Hotel but somewhere you could come for a week to de-tox, train in the gym, swim in the indoor pool, practise yoga with the Yoga teacher and chill out with pampering and relaxing well-executed treatments. My Polish masseur Mariusz was one of the best masseurs I have discovered anywhere in the world. I cannot recommend the Anassa enough for a short break or long stay, as you will be welcomed and looked after perfectly whether you are on your own (as I was) or with friends and family.

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