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Breathedetoxretreat in West Devon

What do you do when you feel exhausted, over stressed, over-fed and a need to escape?

You go to a detox retreat in west Devon near Chagford, to re-educate your thought processes and eating patterns so that you can look after yourself in the future in a healthier way.

So now I am 4 days into my week’s stay in a Devon farmhouse.
3 days on juices and broths only (delicious, but strangely I have never felt starving) ….together with colon-cleansing powders added to the juices (disgusting but effective) have made me feel refreshed and re-vitalised. I have also had hypnotherapy and nutritional advice to help my ongoing journey to a new me.

Holly, who runs the retreat, has given me great massage treatments with relaxation and meditation classes and talks on looking at your life in different ways.

The person who may have helped me the most is the homeopath I didnt feel I needed to see- Phill de Jong (email him at [email protected]). He was brilliant, and underlying emotions in me emerged whilst chatting to him that were obviously being well-hidden by me (even from myself). He left remedies for me to take whilst here and on an ongoing basis at home.

So I shall leave hopefully not only slimmer, but with renewed positivity toward life. But I am waiting until day 6 to weigh myself and try on my tightest jeans………

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