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BBC Radio woman’s hour 10am

on BBC radio Woman’s Hour at 10am.

we are chatting about the TUC proposal for women to no longer wear heels in the workplace. This is apparently to help women’s back and feet problems caused by standing in heels.

I say, why can’t women make their own decisions together with their management as to what is appropriate in their particular workplace. Many women travel to work in trainers or flatties and then change once at work, so they are not in heels all day.

whilst in the Green room waiting for our slot, who was in there as well but Banarama! The girls looked great, rather elegant and sophisticated now! We reminisced about the 80’s, favourite songs and how the journalist Hannah Betts (who was with us for the “heels or not” chat) had a dad who had met Bananarama on the train all those years ago and had been so taken with them, that they were the only band that he had ever followed since!

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