Harrods new CAVIAR HOUSE and PRUNIER caviar and seafood bar

p>This Tuesday is getting better by the moment! After a shaky start oversleeping, watch stopping and Covent garden parking meter out of order, I shared a yummy lunch with a girlfriend at the new Harrods Caviar House and Prunier caviar and seafood bar.

A long while later after working our way through real caviar (what a treat- I am usually only eating fake at a few £s a pot from Waitrose), delicious smoked salmon and crab we left feeling perfectly full- but not stuffed. Lucky as I am off to Shoreditch House for dinner tonight….

Did you know that if you put a tiny pile of real caviar on the side of your clenched hand, and eat it from there- you can test if the caviar is good quality….. If the caviar is good quality, your hand will not smell fishy nor will there be any residue left. My hand was pristine and smelt fresh as a daisy!

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