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I will be on BBC Breakfast TV talking about airbrushing in advertising and magazines. The issue that has raised its head this time is that of the photograph of an overly-zealous-airbrushing and unrealistic photo of Twiggy as the face of an anti -ageing face cream.

I believe that airbrushing is ok when used conservatively, to gently enhance, sharpen or tweak. But not when used to promote unrealistic images for children, teens, young women, or indeed any women to aspire to and thereby believe that “PERFECTION” is all. No one is perfect- certainly no celebrity I’ve ever styled!

ALL women can make the best of themselves with clever dressing, well- fitting lingerie, makeup tricks and hair styling, whatever their age, shape and size. The message from magazines and advertisers should be about the “feel good” factor, not one that increases insecurities to achieve the impossible

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