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continuing nutrition and diet 4th appointment

p>weighed in again with Steve and body fat measured with the callipers. I have not cheated once so the weight and fat loss should be ongoing.
and it is…

another 0.6% loss of bodyfat and 0.8 kgs.

I have lost 2″ around my tum so far.

So after 2 weeks on protein and vegs-no carbs- I have been given a cheat day to eat anything I want. Funnily I dont really want to go off this diet as i am on a roll. But I have instrcutions, so i am going to choose one day over the Bank Holiday.

From now on I can also have servings of berries with my protein twice daily.

Also I can have one “cheat” meal a week where I can eat whatever I want and have alcohol but NO second helpings.

This is quite easy and I’m not having any cravings!

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