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week 2 with nutritionist Steve Hines

On the second appointment with Steve, although I did not feel any slimmer, Steve measured me with his “fat measuring” callipers and found that I had actually lost some body fat, although the scales remained the same. This was without dieting but simply taking his 7 meals worth of digestion-improving supplements.

So now for week 2and 3, as I am impatient, he has put me on a “Caveman boot camp diet.” I can only eat anything that “flys, swims or has four legs” together with green vegetables. So basically a low-carb diet. Also no alcohol which is probably the most difficult part.

My next visit to Steve is Friday. My assistant Susie did observe today that I looked thinner- but scales at home dont agree! sticking at it though. This is a 3 month project to become the old me again.

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