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my ongoing diet with nutritionist Steve

p>I’ve been so busy that I’ve had no time to update my diet progress with nutritionist Steve, but it’s now 2 weeks since my last review and I can reveal that I had a bit of a blip over the Bank Holiday weekend. After vigorously following Steve’s instructions- “eat like a caveman”- only protein and vegs, I was allowed to add berries into the meal times- twice a day. That was very exciting, but even more exciting I could now have a “cheat” day, once a week, eating anything I wished!

But… when in the Isle of Wight and invited out to Supper and then a Sunday lunch it was all too easy to turn a cheat day into a cheat weekend… and unfortunately my weigh-in was on the next day, so progress was slightly slowed down!

Now I am on a treat “cheat meal” once a week and adding 2 portions of low-GI fruits to my berries. I am still on protein and vegs- no carbs and no other cheating!
So how much have I lost now?….

4% of body fat
2.5″ from my tum
1.25″ from my hips
and not disclosing my weight yet but its slowly going down.

By the way did I mention that Steve is the nutritionist for Fulham football team and they’ve been rather successful recently! Maybe I might reach the same fitness level too!….still got quite a while to go I feel.

If you quote “ceril” and email to [email protected], Steve will give you a special VIP discount on your own personalised weight loss programme!

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