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Channel 5 TV. Live from Studio 5

We filmed a segment for Channel 5 TV’s “Live from Studio 5” in the amazing “treasure trove” emporium of Butler and Wilson jewellery and vintage clothing store on the Fulham road.

My remit was to style the really pretty presenter Minnie Stephenson for a Red carpet event and chat about some of the famous celebrities I had styled in the past, with some funny anecdotes that had happened to me along the way.

when styling Celebrities or indeed any of my clients, I always take their own style into consideration- never imposing my own style on them and I loved Minnie’s own style. She was wearing a girly pink very short Summer dress over leggings, and a denim sleeveless waistcoat and great Office turquoise wedge sandals.

With Minnie’s own style as a template, and with only a short space of time to select, I selected 3 vintage evening dresses with a difference for Minnie to try. 2 out of the 3 fitted her like a glove and looked fantastic. She loved them too.

You can catch us having fun on Channel 5 sometime during this next week of June 7th.

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