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ongoing diet plan with Steve

p>Progress checkup again! At the last check I had lost a further 3/4″ off my hips and today I have lost a further 1/2″ from my waist and another 1% of body fat.

But it sucks getting older, not just because when we look in the mirror we get a shock, but as our metabolism slows down it becomes more difficult to lose actual pounds on the scales, even when we look slimmer.

So training sessions are the way forwards with heavier weights/low reps rather than low weights/lots of reps. This will apparently burn fat more efficiently. I am still on no carbs/high protein diet with thin skinned fruits always eaten with protein and lots of vegs. One cheat meal a week eating anything and alcohol with that meal too.

I discovered in the last week that pine nuts, (even if eaten with a mix of seeds) can give you a nasty metallic taste in your mouth. I googled it and found lots of others had discovered the same effect. Not good! But back to normal now.

Peak XV fitness ( is Steve’s nutrition and fitness website. It will be launching soon providing free information on diets, exercise plans and supplements to help you lose weight and get healthy, as well as selling nutrition plans, exercise programmes and supplements for people who want the best results. Steve has also started a group on facebook for those who are interested (peakxvfitness). It is dedicated to improving health and fitness, and will provide free information and challenge common myths about health and fitness.

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