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It’s 40 years since Jimi Hendrix played at the Isle of Wight festival. Most of my friends in my school year went to that festival, but I was one of the few girls whose parents wouldn’t allow to go. Was so upset!

Having got to my 50’s and still not experienced a music festival (although Ive been going to live gigs since the age of 11) I thought it time to visit the Isle of Wight Festival, especially as I now have a cottage on the island. So I packed my Festival gear- (no short shorts-would be proverbial mutton)! but did include wellies, parker and lots of layers suitable for all weathers.

So simple, you may say, to nip to the nearby festival ground to pick up your tickets in the car when you live on the island. But easier said than done! I spent longer in the car in the one-way systems around Newport than I did driving down to the Island. Tomorrow its definitely on foot and the local buses!

So here’s hoping that the weather improves for tomorrow as it has been bucketing down most of the day. Really looking forward to seeing Pink and Blondie in particular and Florence and the Machine.

eather so much better and properly planned back route to festival in car -parking nearby in a field rented out for parking A very long lunch with friends at the Folly Inn at East Cowes and ready promptly at 4pm at the festival opening to watch my son’s friend’s band “I Blame Coco” (Sting’s daughter) in the Big Top. Was standing right up at the stage by the huge speakers. Everyone will have to shout at me for the rest of the day!

Commuted between the BIg Top and main stage during the afternoon and evening- catching Daisy Dares you, Shakespeare’s Sister, Mr Hudson, Doves, Calvin Harris and Florence and the Machine. By 11pm I had wilted and went home to watch Jay-Z from my bed on ITV 2!. That’s what happens when you get old….

Festival clothing style must haves…..face painting, hair decoration, hats, tutus, fancy dress and mud!


The highlights of Day 2 for me were Paloma Faith and Blondie. Loved Paloma Faith’s 50’s pin up girl styling and music. We all were singing along to Blondie’s songs. Also went to the Big Top and caught the Saturdays, Bombay Bicycle Club and N-Dubz.

Made some new friends on the audience!


The best! Pink was amazing. Stole the show. She entered the stage from a suspended box 100’s of feet above the crowd and then topped it by doing acrobatics on an aerial wire after being rolled around the heads of the audience in huge ball. Not only was her show fantastic but she had such a naughty twinkle and rapport with the audience. You would love to have a girlie gossip with her.

The finale was Paul McCartney who didn’t disappoint with all the old favourites, finishing off with Sergeant Pepper. Loved his drummer. He was enormous but looked like a large teddy bear. And the rain held off till the end, when after a short deluge which we danced through, cleared up again for the most fantastic fireworks.

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