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BBC Radio Oxford and my private styling session

This morning I was interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford by Joel Hammer about designers helping to promote a healthy body image by casting ‘normal-size’ models in their fashion shows. As a stylist I know that every person has the ability to look their best, whatever size they are; it’s all about dressing to suit your body shape.

The popular TV series Mad Men, starring the curvaceous Christina Hendricks, has resulted in this season’s trend reviving the fifties’ style of cinched waists and beautiful bosoms. If, like Miss Hendricks, you have a voluptuous shape, my online store stocks clever body-shaping lingerie solutions in a range of sizes and brands, including stunning waist cinchers from Mad Men supplier, Rago.

Tomorrow I’ll be having a private one-to-one with a client who wishes to improve her confidence and I’ll be using a variety of my tried-and-tested methods to help give her a new positive self-image. To help my clients love what they see in the mirror, I share with them my secret style tips which are guaranteed to boost self-esteem and ensure that, no matter what your size or shape is, with my help you can transform your image and discover the new you.

If you missed my interview this morning, it’s available on the BBC iPlayer website. Just click on the link here and the page will open in a new window.

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