#MintPolo2013 My Chesterton Humberts Polo Academy day

Last Thursday, daughter Bella and myself had the opportunity to try to play polo with Cool Hooves Polo, who are based at the Royal County Berkshire Polo Club. The event was Chesterton Humberts Polo Academy day, held in Hurlingham Park, Fulham.

Pic below is Bella.

This is where one of the big Summer social events- MINT Polo in the Park will be held 7/8/9th June.

I am now able to fully appreciate the level of difficulty of trying to connect and possibly even hit a small ball with a long stick, whilst seated on a turbo-charged pony. ?Leg to horse and neck rein doesn’t simply turn the pony, but can suddenly find you doing a ?360 degree in a nano second. How I managed to remain seated I still have no idea. Maybe adrenalin together with balance. It was definitely not the same as riding Casper the pony I regularly ride in the Isle of Wight. More Ferrari here than Ford.

Pic on left Bella, on right me.

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The Cool Hooves coach Andrew Murray and Rosie Ross (a 2 goal professional) were so patient and I managed to eventually connect stick and ball and canter down the field. we learnt 3 moves with the Polo stick-forward, a swing and back (even more difficult to connect with the ball) and basic game rules.

pic on left Bella, on right me….

I still don’t know how but I won the most improved player of the day!…….
It was such fun- can’t wait to go to watch the real event.

Me and my cup – with coach Andrew and the owner of Cool Hooves polo.

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