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Private one-to-one client

A day with one of my private clients for a de-clutter of wardrobe and home. It was such a enjoyable experience going through her amazing collection of saris, all in the most beautiful fabrics and colours and mixing and matching East with West.

We created huge amounts of new wardrobe space- (not by throwing out clothes) but by re-arranging and using space more cleverly, with advice on how to re-style her dressing room with new inexpensive floating shelves for shoe displays, and boxes for hiding accessories. We did manage to remove a few clothes to give away, alter and repair.

We then moved into the living room, where I “staged” shelves in the apartment with collections of very varied memorabilia collected from round the world. Everything from small rocks to masks which had been languishing in plastic bags. These personal items now sit in attractively styled groupings for everyone to admire.

I loved my day there. It was such a pleasure.

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