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With the publication of the recent feature in Easy Living on my one-2-one lingerie fit sessions, I have been inundated with enquiries. It is so interesting to see how the correct fitting bra can actually change a woman’s life. The most recent example was a client with a very large bust- a problem bust that had been a weighty problem throughout her adult life- to be exact aprroximately a 44F problem – she thought.

The final size we ended up with was 4 back sizes down! Wearing such a substantially smaller back size changed her whole body shape, changed how her clothes looked and reduced her bust shape from unshapely Anne Widdecombe proportions to simply a large bust sitting in the correct place also giving her a midriff and waist.

The bra that created a great look for her was this one by Elila, from RedCarpetUndies

I am always so happy when I literally change someone’s life.

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