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QVC TV shopping channel with Bob Mackie Wearable Art tonight

QVC shopping channel tonight at midnight and then the 9am show tomorrow.
Featuring a TSV( today’s special value) long-sleeve sequin t-shirt perfect for the festive season and also ifor 2011 evening invitations where you dont know what to wear, but want to look glamorous and comfortable. Sale bargains as well!

Wish i hadn’t eaten so much for the last few days, as the 9lbs the TV camera adds- will be what I actually look like in real life….. at least the Bob Mackie Wearable Art fashions are all quite loose fitting and flattering to all body shapes and sizes.

In the green room wearing the BOB MACKIE Wearable
Art sequin Arabesque tshirt waiting for the midnight

QVC 9am show. The TSV sequin tshirt sold out before
we even started the morning show! Loving the BOB
MACKIE fan print kimono style top I’m wearing.
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