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The Saltcave in Earlsfield, Sw London

Having now had a killer strain of flu since 27th Dec, with loss of voice, bronchitis and strained inter-costal muscles from coughing so much, I looked for alternative remedies as 2 courses of antibiotics did nothing.

I tried acupuncture, reflexology and extra vitamins but still no better and a loss of voice is a bit of a problem for both live TV and radio!

The Salt Cave in Earlsfield was suggested as a help to my cure so I have now had 2 sessions and am trying to fit in as many as I can.

I sat in the salt cave room for a hour and in fact went to sleep whilst my fellow salt cave occupants (around 10 maybe) read or dozed too. A lovely way to relax whilst hopefull gaining beneficial effects from the salty air. I definitely found I could breathe more easily whilst there. There is even a special separate salt cave room for kids too!

I do suggest checking this place out…. it seems to be working for me. There is also a salt cave in Kent.

The Salt Cave E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 033 3344 0533

320B Earlsfield Road – London – SW18 3EJ

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