A busy week

Such a busy week! Completed on sale of home Wednesday.

A client on Thursday for a bridal lingerie fitting. The basque I fitted her in was perfect – 34DD – but all her own bras were 38C and did nothing for her body shape or support. Why are all women wearing such wrong sized bras?!

An interview also on Thursday about BBC presenters’ style for today’s Sunday Times – “fashion experts urge BBC scruffs to smarten up” page 4 news.

Friday morning at Press launch for Piz Buin for their new light and non-greasy suntan sprays in factors 15 to 50. Love Piz Buin sun tan lotions as they have great ingredients for skin care and sun protection.

Friday am in car on way to Soho – (on hands free), LBC radio 8.45am on Kate Middleton’s style – I think she looked happy, comfortable and natural in all media coverage, not necessarily cutting edge chic but still her own person. Poor girl, everything she wears now will be dissected and analysed on a daily basis by the world’s press. How long will she staunchly remain true to her own style without outside fashion advice? Whether it’s Vogue or a personal stylist.

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