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ROMANCE and WEDDINGS-not just the Royal one……

Back in London for a 24hour working visit- Today I met up with a private client for a last minute fit and shop for bridal and honeymoon lingerie-

Tomorrow I’m commenting on The Wedding fashions for guest and Bride on BBC RADIO 5 LIVE sometime between 9.30ish and 11am

But how romantic is this??? …….my client today, in her mid-60’s, is marrying her childhood sweetheart who first proposed to her at the age of 17. She turned him down as circumstances didnt allow- they both married others, had children- then her husband died a few years ago. This first boyfriend appeared again in her life coincidentally 2 years ago and within the first 5 minutes of meeting they both knew that this time it was forever….. so the lingerie we shopped for today is for their wedding this weekend.

Loved this story and it just goes to show that its not just Kate and Wills who are having the wonderful romantic day- it can happen again in your 60’s too…….unexpectedly

You can hear my fashion commentary on BBC radio5 Live with Victoria Derbyshire tomorrow morning. (hope i can fight through the crowds to get to the media stand)!

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