Rhodes To Heaven beauty products

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I have been testing a fabulous range of all natural beauty products that were introduced to me by their creator, Annabel Rhodes whom I recently met in the Isle of Wight.

Amongst the range of 17 products the favourites that I have been using are:
The Juniperberry Cleanser and Tonic
on my face and neck twice daily to remove makeup, cleanse and tone- smells delicious and is wonderfully cooling on the skin, especially around the eye area.
The All in One Rose Refining Skin Polish cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises and really does smell of roses.
This product I have used once a week is
The All in One Rose facial rescue moisturiser and I have been alternating it with
The Orange Skin Food moisturiser

I have been using
the Body Scrub in the shower and then the
revitalising Body balm to moisturise.

Loving loving loving all these products as they are so easy to use and they all do more than one thing and really are all natural and smell wonderful

Apparently Rhodes to Heaven has quite a few celebrity clients and word has it that the Duchess of Cornwall is a fan!

You can buy these products online and also at The General Trading Company. I absolutely recommend that you try these beauty products as not only will you love their smell and feel on your skin, your skin will look plumped and hydrated just as mine now does after only a week of use! Think what your skin will look like after 6 weeks!

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