Endermologie at the Beauty Clinic Fulham SW6

Now back from my travels, I can restart the course of Endermologie treatments that I embarked upon before I left. Leaving a 3 week gap in the middle of a course of treatments is not the best way to achieve great results, but onwards and upwards, combining the next 5 treatments with as much exercise as I can fit in my week and also a very healthy diet.

Lucy who owns The Beauty Clinic, who gave me my treatment yesterday, studied nutrition. She gave me all sorts of good advice on how best to shift fat and water retention and keep it off. Apparently, although a protein only diet is instantly successful, the moment you vary the diet with the addition of carbs and normal eating again, the body goes into shock and piles the weight back again.

So…… I shall now be eating a sensible mix of protein, vegetables, brown rice or quinoa, an occasional piece of fruit with nuts/seeds at the same time and no carbs in the evening. As little wine as possible, vodka preferably(less sugar) and lots of water.

Looking forward to seeing changes each day now in my new body……

The Beauty Clinic, 413A Fulham Palace Road, SW6 6SX
020 7736 7676

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