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my week so far…..

I should have been on BBC TV breakfast news today at 7.30am.
I was invited to discuss airbrushing and how it can affect teenagers’ self- esteem and how it can lead to eating disorders.
How the perception and reality of the impossibly slimmed down perfect airbrushed body as seen on celebrities in the media- can make young(and older) women feel inadequate ..
I couldn’t get to the BBC looking TV-ready as I am currently living with builders in a flat that really is a building site with no bathroom/shower or kitchen-(there is however still a toilet). If I could have been airbrushed at 6.30am this morning that would have been the perfect solution….

so this week is all about showering at the gym/swimming pool.

Was however cheered up hugely by this lovely email from one of my customers.

Just a quick email to say a sincere thanks for
taking the time to have a chat with me about my underwear choice for my wedding
Your help and advice has been
invaluable to me. Your suggestion of the strapless bra and silicone fillers is
absolutely perfect, it gives great support and fabulous shape.
The bra is an absolute perfect fit and I can’t wait to
try my dress on with it for my first fitting on the 8th May.
Thanks again” Karen

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