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personal training at LOMAX bespoke fitness Chelsea

Soooo excited! After an incredibly intense and thorough 1 hr personal fitness assessment my new trainer Warwick will be taking me through my paces at LOMAX BESPOKE FITNESS, CHELSEA from next week.

6 months ago the Doctors wanted to do a hip replacement for me as I could hardly walk from pain. It seems that now, with Warwick's expertise in rehab and personal training, my future is not simply about improving muscle, stamina etc but about unlearning past movement patterns- both mind and body and focusing on the new.

His underlying message is very similar psychologically to how I help my own 1-2-1 style clients with self-confidence, esteem etc. We both strive to show how to “unlearn” past patterns. Warwick's goal, in small steps, is how to use your body differently to achieve your fitness/strength/ability goals and mine is how to change your lifestyle/personal image/positivity when you look at yourself in the mirror.

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