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This is the empty basement of the large Fulham property before I styled and home staged it for sale.
When these large houses are refurbished, the basements are usually dug out to create more ceiling height, (at around a build cost of £150,000) but since the property was simply to be sold, as is,  I had to think of a way to make it more appealing to prospective purchasers.

 I wanted this space to appear friendly and relaxed, and most importantly create an illusion of a higher ceiling than actually existed.
I created a focal point with a large TV on a chest of drawers found in a charity shop and made a seating area around it. As I was on a minimal budget, I found stylish but inexpensive system seating in faux-suede shades of taupe. The covers of these individual seating blocks could unzip and become futon beds for  teens to have sleep-overs.

I bought in colour with fun items such as fake flowers, popcorn cartons from Poundstore, a bright coloured candy machine, tubs of old fashioned sweets, cushions and a large throw. The cowhide rug added more interest and texture to the flooring.
The artwork around the room was from a calender, with each month’s image cut out and framed in £2 frames from Dunelm Mills.
So a room created on a true budget!

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