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With the success of having styled Celebrities for the Red Carpet,
Styling “real” people in their day to day life, helping them to both look and feel good from inside out,
and writing the book “Discover the New you- Celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life”
I am now focusing on Interior styling and Home staging properties in the UK

With over 25 years in the styling business, I have picked up loads of clever tricks and tips to create stylish interiors whatever your budget- low or high. Mixing the inexpensive with the expensive, and finding unique pieces that work together with personal items or antiques, or creating an aspirational lifestyle in an empty home.

The property below is a client’s empty property which I home staged to create a show home for sale, that felt lived in and unique, appealing to the prospective target demographic audience in SW London.

These photos are the living room, before and after

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