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@joanCbeauty #joancollinsobe #makeup @QVCuk Joan collins Timeless beauty range

joan collins makeup lineI have just been sent some of the new Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range to try out on one of my 1-2-1 lifestyle client’s makeup. This range has luxurious packaging, great quality products and will aspire to the more mature woman who aspires to Joan’s own timeless beauty. A few of the products I tried were: mascara- this gave instant lush lashes,but you need to be careful as you apply that it doesnt end up on lids, as seemed to not dry quickly on application eyebrow pencil duo- great pencil, charcoal/light brown -this colour best for a dark haired person fade to perfect concealer- medium- slightly too pink toned- would love to have tried out the light colour which may suit more skin tones eye shadow quad- moody browns and gold- love the gold shadow container and the mix of browns, pink and gold is a great combination lipstick-Marilyn- a raspberry pink. the lipstick applied well. A great range in packaging that looks super expensive

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