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These are the before and after photos of the ground floor of my client design and build project in Fulham.
From one big unloved open plan space, mostly used as storage rather than for living, the Architect and I created 2 double bedrooms with a master bathroom and cloakroom/shower room
The after photos are not styled or furnished by myself, but simply photos of the not-yet cohesively furnished interiors.

This is the area which was turned into a shower room/cloakroom on the left hand side and the master bedroom on the right hand side in front of the window


The master bedroom area before20140723_115918The beginnings of the passageway off which is the master bedroom on the left hand side and the 2nd bedroom at the far end. The bathrooms will be on the right hand side20141013_111705The far left of the photo is where bedroom 2 will be
20140723_115743The beginnings of the master bedroom and passageway.20141013_111636The ,master bedroom will on the left and bathrooms will be on the right and the 2nd bedroom at the far end of the passage


The nearly finished master bedroom with engineered oak wood floor20141214_125218The master bedroom with the new shutters and radiator with the client’s own furniture, but not yet finished with a proper headboard etc



20140723_115942This is the 2nd bedroom area before the build
and after

20141214_125143client just moved in
2nd bedroom still with boxes20150205_120256

master bathroom after
20150205_120714Guest cloakroom/wetroom with a glass screen that folds flat against the wall to create space needed in front of vanity unit when the shower is not in use


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