This is a BDR facial

This is a BDR facial. .
It's a German
I don’t road test just any treatment. I only try a treatment that I have fully researched beforehand and believe will really make a difference. I also make sure it doesn’t have downsides and go to the best therapist recommended to me.

This is a BDR facial.
It’s the leading Geman medical grade, non-invasive facial and skin treatment to rejuvenate the skin. It can help improve wrinkles, acne, skin tone and loss of volume.
My skin was looking tired and pasty and needed help after 3 weeks of a flu virus, bronchitis and 2 courses of antibiotics and steroids.

1. Peel + dermabrasion.
Which works on the top layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
2. Microneedles + serum
Stimulates collagen and elastin production for hydration and volume.
3. Massage and LED
Works on every layer of the skin.
Lymphatic drainage and circulation massage to detoxify and tone. The LED light energy stimulates oxygenation and cell renewal.

The photos and video clips show the LED light, my before and after photos and the treatment stages.

Some of the treatment felt slightly odd sometimes but never painful. Sometimes a bit tingly. But mostly really quite pleasant and relaxing. .
I am having a course of 6 treatments and I will keep the progress posted.
My skin was slightly red after the treatment but nothing that was scary and definitely looked healthier and plumper the following day. .
There are BDR products, -cleanser, toner, 2 serums and a sun protective moisturiser to use twice daily throughout the course of the fortnightly treatments.

Thank you to @elenequeskinclinic@welovebdr
See you at treatment no 2 . .


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