@tracybrabinmp shadow culture MP

Well done on raising so many thousands of £s auctioning the controversial one shoulder dress for your charity @girlguiding as a result of – wearing a dress that had slipped off the shoulder and was deemed inapropriate in the House of Commons. .
It’s easy to have clothing malfunctions and indeed my own @zara top in the photo can be worn in all ways – exposing shoulders or not.
Women are continuously judged and often more harshly by other women than by men. .
My lifestyle consultancy takes me into organisations where women prefer to often dress androgynously- in trousers- in black- to not be noticed for what they wear- but only for the excellent job they do.
I also speak in schools- where teenage girls feel the need to look perfect- especially on their social media- affecting their mental health.
I hope my own social media feed, that is never filtered, inspires and can show women – young and old – that we can all be individual. Embracing our quirks and flaws make each of us unique and special. No celebrity I have ever dressed had a perfect body or flawless face in my past 30 year career as a celebrity stylist. .
We shouldn’t be afraid to wear what we feel comfortable in- however- if we work in an organisation and are customer facing, then we are the face of the brand and should dress accordingly. .
Be true to yourself, don’t compare and don’t let the judgement of others break you. .


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