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ANNABELLE MINERALS make up and skin care

– Radiant Mineral Foundation – radiant finish, proven to improve skin condition over time, SPF20

– Luminous Blush in Peach Glow – blush-highlighter hybrid, infused with vitamin E and valuable oils

– Glow Juice 20% Vitamin C serum – Advanced 20% vitamin C serum, enriched with ferulic acid, vitamin E and quercetin. Concentrated on rejuvenating and brightening

– Repair Juice 0.3% Retinol serum – Advanced 0.3% retinol serum enriched with alfalfa and edelweiss extracts, and orchid stem cells. Rebuilds and smoothes the skin texture. Reduces fine lines, brightens, and improves firmness

– Stay Essential multi-use oil – Improves skin tone, nourishes, soothes. Increases the elasticity of the epidermis and skin hydration by 20% in 4 weeks. Use as an overnight treatment or makeup remover

– Brow Like Wow palette – groomed and regenerated eyebrows: a mix of minerals, natural oils, and vitamin E

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