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The Detox Kitchen

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These healthy, delicious, freshly made, nutritionally balanced, ready-cooked meals are delivered daily to your home (depending on your post code).
Detox Kitchen has been my go-to choice of delivery diet boxes since 2021 – when I want to give myself a break from shopping and cooking and have only healthy meal choices in my fridge.
I have tried most of the menu options, and my favourite is the 5-day protein detox.
The menus constantly rotate, so even if you choose to detox for longer than one week- you will not get bored.
I can truthfully say I have looked forward to every single one of the meals I have eaten every day. This is not an ad, by the way. The food is delicious. As you can see, the meals arrive in containers. I plated and styled each of the meals myself before eating them.
The recipes are all dairy and gluten-free.

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