Road testing another skin hydration and plumping supplement

This is a liquid 7 day course by Aethern. .
Optimum results can be seen apparently after 3 months of regular use.
I’m now on the 2nd day of this supplement. Taking a dose at breakfast time after a min of 12 hours overnight intermittent fasting break. The taste is fruity- not unpleasant- but you can mix it with a fruit juice too.
It contains
Collagen peptides ( help firm and maintain skin elasticity)
Hyaluronic acid ( helps hydration and deep lines and wrinkles)
Silicon ( helps improve skin texture)
Astaxanthin (an antioxidant thst helps collagen regenerate)
Polyphenols ( anti- inflammatory antioxidants)
Magnesium, beta- carotene, zinc, vit B5, vit E, lutein, selenium.
More on Aethern skin beauty can be found online. It’s a brand new product @johnbellandcroyden


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