When you want to become the healthiest version of yourself, especially in these flu-ridden times- then an appointment with the completely brilliant and empathetic nutritionist and Doctor- Dr Vidhi @smilingvidhi @johnbellandcroyden Is the way to go

I cannot recommend Dr Vidhi more highly.
I’ve just had my second appointment with her.

She is not only a Western medicine doctor but also a homeopathic one as well as an Ayurverdic one. So she can treat you on so many levels.

Dr Vidhi also uses an EIS sensor analyser machine which passes a low voltage electrical current through the tissue fluid that surrounds cells tissues and organs whilst also working as an ECG electrocardiogram checking your heart.
This machine does not give actual blood and hormone analysis figures- but it does give indications via graphs of where your specific problems may or may not lie.

It reads your Interstitial fluid minerals including Phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron.

It reads 12 hormones including thyroid and cortisol and insulin . .
Your acid/alkaline balance. .
Your biochemistry which includes your triglycerides- fats in the body ( which include HDL – good cholesterol) and LDL and kidney health and glucose or sugar found in the body.

Also oxidative stress and a whole organ/ systems analysis from cardiovascular to digestive,, endocrine, immune function, neurolgical, neuromuscular, respiratory and body composition.

It even checks for cancer markers.

Totally impressive. Cannot recommend Dr Vidhi more highly. She has helped me with other recent health and digestive issues better than any other doctor, consultant, or gastroenterologist has managed.

The nutrijuvenate clinic with Dr Vidhi costs £180.

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