Brand new invisible Elastoplast and eyelash extensions

At the brand new “Elastoplast Invisible protection” launch at Sketch, I , together with a group of female beauty journalists, watched 2 very buff male models modelling wearing only Calvin Klein underpants and Elastoplast Invisible plasters.

You might say that I have such a tough job, but it was VERY difficult to spot the number of invisible plasters stuck on various parts of their bodies, (which was what we’d been asked to do!. Especially with one eye open and the other closed as I was simultaneously having Express “Blink & Go” eyelash extensions applied as one of the beauty treats offered at the event.

I did fail to correctly spot the exact number of the invisible plasters, they really were difficult to see! They’re great for girly emergencies. But I did leave the launch with a new set of “Blink & Go” lashes, applied expertly by Sherry Bennett of

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