!QMS MEDICOSMETICS new skincare surgery

p>I first met Dr Schulte in Selfridges last August, when he launched !QMS Medicosmetics in the UK. !QMS is his invention of a fantastic rejuvenating skincare system, with collagen enhancing technology. It is used daily for a mimimum of 3 months to achieve the best results. I did this and loved the products and really did feel they made a visble difference to my skin.

So I met up with Dr Schulte again at his brand new ultra modern white-white-white futuristic !QMS Skincare Surgery in Chelsea. It has 3 state of the art facial treatment rooms with the most comfy heated beds you have ever experienced!

I had a wonderful facial and left with my skin glowing.

!QMS has lots of exciting new products available for the face and body, including Intravital the nutritional supplement to help improve the skin from inside out.

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