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styling the new girl band VANQUISH for their debut

The question I get asked all the time is what makes a good stylist? In my opinion, after 30 years of styling, it’s being able to translate the client’s brief into reality efficiently, on a budget, and in a short time period, whilst making the artist look and feel wonderful for both their own esteem and public perception.

So when asked to create an image and look, at very short notice, for the new girl band VANQUISH, I talked to the girls themselves about their look and also their manager and their video director and listened carefully to all their wishes….to make sure there could be no mistakes

I observed their individual personalities,
watched them perform,
considered their target age audience for what looks would be aspirational
selected styles/colours/looks to fit each personality,bodyshape,and colouring
and most importantly made sure the artistes were happy and comfortable in the 3 sets of performance outfits my assistant stylist Sophie selected to my brief

With a selection of High st clothing ranging from New Look to Zara, Topshop, Primark and more all in one very long day, the girls had 3 sets of outfits together ready to perform on the main stage at the British Grand Prix last Saturday, the VIP tent on Sunday and for their new Video to be filmed across Monday and Tuesday

Here are some of the results
everyone seemed very happy, especially the girls.

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