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A busy weekend! incl LBC radio at 5.30pm with Richard Arnold

Will be chatting to Richard Arnold on LBC radio at 5.30pm on the subject of young kids growing up too quickly- wearing heels and unsuitable clothes like Suri Cruise. This has come from the pix of Courtney Cox’s daughter being photographed in the Daily Mail also wearing heels- but in my opinion much more child friendly ones than Suri as they were a low-wedge and really much more of a chunky soled sandal. She looked like a proper happy well-balanced little girl unlike Suri who looks so wrong in everything she wears…. what on earth will become of her?

Also really looking forward to seeing George Benson live at Kenwood- the performance did clash with an offer of a Take That ticket in Royal Box at Wembley- gutted! but …..must always stick with original plan- especially when it’s a rare opportunity to spend fun time at music gigs with my son.

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