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Triyoga Chelsea opening

Went to the opening day of 3rd Triyoga on the Kings Road Chelsea. It is the most amazing six and half thousand square feet space designed by Jane Kersel.

Started off with the centre’s inaugural yoga class- Anusara style with Bridget Woods Kramer.
The studio was so light and airy with coloured light reflecting through the stained glass windows on the very white floor. Would loooove to have this as my living space!

Then had a treatment with Pavel Wiacek. Decided to have a Metamorphic technique therapy which can be helpful when you are at major turning points of your life. It apparently can open up energy channels or opportunities for new beginnings changes. Although the treatment was very subtle and felt like gentle butterfly massage strokes on feet, hands and head it can be quite powerful and will go on working beyond the treatment room. Will keep you posted!

Such a lovely relaxing way to end a rubbish week where my email was hacked into, I got locked out of my house and my car paintwork was damaged!

Definitely new beginnings now….. Onwards with positivity!

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